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Driveway Sealing

Investing in asphalt for your parking lot or driveway is a big investment. Varying temperatures, water, salt and heavy loads decrease the life of your parking lot or driveway and over time this can ruin your investment. Utilizing a sealant that we spray over the top layer of the asphalt (after 1-2 years of the asphalt being applied) can prolong the life of your parking lot by 5+ years. Let us help you sustain the quality of your investment.



Dazzle Your Driveway or Parking Lot with a Sealing Job

In scary movies, it’s common to see a dilapidated haunted house. These houses usually have one thing in common – a damaged driveway. Such driveways have been crumbled under the weight of vehicles, damaged over time by the Canadian freeze-thaw and from the heat of the hot Kamloops sun.

Driveways are prone to cracks that result from weakening asphalt and warrant special attention. You need to do timely maintenance for your driveway or parking lot to ensure it doesn’t look like it belongs in a horror movie.

Asphalt can weaken due to a variety of reasons. When exposed to harsh weather conditions, the material can be exposed to wear and tear. Driveways lined with asphalt take further damage when heavy vehicles move and park on them.

Driveway sealing is an effective solution for driveways that have been compromised due to asphalt weakening. Driveway sealing gives your driveway or parking lot a fresh finish that eliminates the onset of cracks. The procedure only involves a few steps that demand keen attention to detail.

The first step is to identify spots on the driveway or parking lot in which cracks and potholes have appeared. Once found, these openings in the ground have to be washed and cleaned to ensure no debris remains inside.

Then, the appropriate filling material is poured into the affected spots.
Depending on the nature of the crack, a hot or cold liquid is used, such as asphalt repair caulk or a roll-type filler. Both of which can fill cracks that range from one-quarter to one and a half-inches wide.

After filling the cracks, the seal coating phase of driveway sealing takes place. The entire surface has to be cleaned up before this step can take place.

Oil stains on the ground or any leftover chalk lines left by kids who played hopscotch in this space need to be removed before the driveway is covered in a black sealant coat.
The sealant is applied to the driveway surface after the cleanup. Sealants come in several varieties including tar-emulsion and asphalt-emulsion solutions resistant to weather-induced damage. They also provide a healthy glow to the exterior of your home by giving it a new look.

Keep in mind that once the driveway sealing process is complete, the liquid sealant will require at least two to three days to dry up fully. Hence, checking the week’s weather forecast before applying the sealant to the ground is a wise move. If there is rain on the horizon, it is advised to wait till clear skies return; otherwise, all effort may go to waste.

While driveway sealing is not difficult, it can get quite messy. Plus, without adequate knowledge of what kind of sealant you should use, starting the process might get confusing.

In this context, the best move to make is to hire professional help, which you can acquire from Kamloops-based Syndicate Contracting. We have been providing driveway sealing services for years. Syndicate Contracting has a team of experts available for consultation 24/7, making them your one-stop solution for all your maintenance needs. For more information, reach out today!

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