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Cracks can be caused by many things, such as poor quality or thin base material, extreme loads, salt, temperature and water. To help prevent any extra damage to your parking lot, we use a hot rubberized solution to fill the cracks for a sealed bond which can help prolong the life of your parking lot and stop cracks from continuing to expand.
Shattered and alligator cracks can not be fixed by hot rubberized sealant but ANY lineal cracks can be sealed to prolong the life of your asphalt parking lot


Crack Repair at Landsdowne
Crack Filling at Landsdowne

The Immense Importance ofCrack Filling for Radiant Roads

Winter Wonderland is a term that’s often used to describe frosty evenings, the kind that can be enjoyed with a glass of hot chocolate and being next to a crackling fire. Indeed, with orange autumn leaves fading and the start of snow, the world rejoices the coming of sweater weather. 

However, this weather is not kind to roads and parking lots, which then become a great threat to those who travel on them in their vehicles. Why is that so? 

It’s due to massive cracks that appear when asphalt-coated roads get damaged by water from melting ice. The impacted roads are dangerous in their deteriorated state and may serve as sites where accidents occur. The cracked road can damage 
tires, causing them to burst and explode. They may even force a car to skid off the road and severely injure the passengers inside. 

Crack filling is a reliable solution for cracked roads. The crack repairs are made through a two-step process. 

In the first step, the cracks are prepared. This step is followed by filling of cracks with a cold or hot molten material similar to melted rubber. 

Cracks must be thoroughly cleaned to take the preliminary step. This step entails washing them out and removing any dirt or debris in them. Crack filling follows once cracks are prepared, which seals them up. 

Carefully reviewing the nature of the cracks in question is a key step in the crack filling process. This step is taken because even though it is a sound method for fixing damaged roads, the technique cannot be applied to every crack. 

Working cracks are defined as those that continue to expand once they are filled and are not necessarily sealed for good after crack filling. The transverse crack is an example of a working crack, and it’s formed perpendicular to a pavement’s central line. 

For such cracks, crack sealing is a better solution as compared to crack filling. Both methods are often mentioned interchangeably; however, there are minor differences between them, mainly with regards to the material used for crack repair. Sealing is based on using a filling that can expand along with the crack. 

Non-working cracks can be effectively tackled through a crack filling job. These cracks usually retain their shape and size, unlike those that manifest as working cracks. Examples of non-working cracks include alligator cracks and longitudinal cracks.

 Alligator cracks emerge as a series of interconnected cracks that, when observed from afar, resemble the pattern of an alligator’s skin. Longitudinal cracks run parallel to the central pavement line. Both of these cracks can be caused when water intrusion weakens the asphalt paving the ground, and heavy vehicles move back and forth on the surface of the impacted road.

It is not always the case that crack filling is performed when a huge gash has appeared in the ground. It’s a better idea to fill in cracks when they are small and seem harmless.

Note that leaving a crack to fester for a long time can force it to become wider and more difficult and expensive to repair. Prevention is better than cure, and eliminating cracks before they multiply can extend the life of a road by a great extent.

If you are concerned about the state of roads and pavements in your vicinity, you might be looking for a solution. If you are based in Kamloops, Syndicate Contracting can provide you with both crack filling and sealing services. Rest assured the team 
of experts at Syndicate is just as passionate about creating robust roads as you are, and is eager to assist you in accomplishing this goal today!

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